About us

Smallmatek, Small Materials and Technologies, Lda. is an R&D company that is dedicated to the monitoring, characterization and development of coatings for corrosion and biofouling protection, using new and innovative nanotechnology solutions. These technologies include controlled release of active species from smart micro- and nanocontainers.

We are also committed to environmentally sustainable practices, throughout the assessment of the safety, toxicity and environmental impact of all micro- and nanomaterials produced by SMT or by our customers.

Headquartered in Aveiro (Portugal), Smallmatek is intended to be an effective provider of know-how to national and international industrial players to generate high-value products, thereby fostering the growth of economical activity in specific branches of the market (corrosion, fouling and coating technology).

Our team


Cláudia Rocha collaborates in the development and upscaling of nanomaterials and is responsible for the compliance of the health and safety at work, and REACH/CLP regulations. She has a PhD in Chemistry and her areas of expertise are chemical analysis and synthesis.



Diogo Mata is the Sales Director at Smallmatek. He has a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and his areas of expertise are corrosion including diagnosis, selection of materials and implementation of added-value protection solutions and monitoring programs.


Filipa Lidónio is the Administrative and Account Assistant of SMT. She has a degree in Accounting and Administration and her areas of expertise are accounting, consulting and auditing.


Frederico Maia is the R&D Director of SMT. He has a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and his areas of expertise are preparation and characterization of nanostructured materials and encapsulation of active compounds for incorporation in functional coatings.


Maria Julia

Maria Júlia Ferreira is the Director of Product Development. She has a MSc in corrosion engineering and her areas of expertise are failure analysis and corrosion studies.


Nuno Nogueira is the Chief Executive Officer of Smallmatek. He has a Degree in Accounting and Administration, and his areas of expertise are Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, Administration and Managerial Finance.


Tânia Oliveira is part of the Research Team in the field of Ecotoxicity and Environmental Monitoring. She has a MSc. in Toxicology and Ecotoxicology, and her areas of expertise are mainly focused in biocorrosion, ecotoxicology and microbiology.