CARBCOATPRO - Stimuli Responsive Layered Double Hydroxide/Carbon Nanotube Based Coatings with Multi-level Corrosion Protection

The CARBCOATPRO project aims at developing innovative multi-level protective “smart”coatings loaded with multi-functional additives with enhanced “self-healing” active protection properties, to improve long-term performance of metallic substrates. The key technology in focus is based on functionalization of layered double hydroxide (LDH)/carbon nanotube (CNT) additives that will be incorporated into polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) based coatings. The expected impacts are: 1) improved products with respect to current existing technologies with acceptable costs; 2) reduced usage of hazardous materials; and 3) sustainability of developed technology throughout the entire products life cycle. The environmentally-green products will bring significant economic benefits to the industries without harmful impacts on both the environment and the society.

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