Smallmatek is participating in several national and international research projects, with important industrial and academic players.

BYEFOULING is the first european project where SMT participates as an active partner and technical coordinator. This project allows the introduction of SMT in a very competitive market – antifouling coatings – together with important players of this sector. It also enables the application and validation of SMT materials loaded with antifouling compounds, developed by the project’s partners, in real conditions.

The involvement of SMT in RISE projects (SMARCOAT, MULTISURF and TUMOCS) allows the exchange of human resources between all the academic and industrial partners involved in the projects. This participation allows the access to know-how in specific areas related to sensitive coatings, pre-treatments and development of materials with new properties, respectively.

CARBCOATPRO gives us the possibility to create multifunctional materials combining our actual know-how with new features and applications. It will also allows the validation of this new materials together with important players in the market.

The participation of SMT in LORCENIS allows the introduction of our materials (functional additives) in the concrete market. During the execution of this project, we expect to test and validate the developed materials in concrete for extreme conditions, together with some important institutes and companies from this market sector.

FUNACOP was the anchor project of SMT, and was successfully completed. It allowed the installation and implementation of nanomaterials’ production at pilot scale (up to 500L capacity). These materials are the base of multifunctional additives developed in SMT.

The past participation of SMT in NANOSENSORES was important to stablish national network within the aeronautical market and to be ahead on the development of new ‘smart’ coatings for impact detection.

The various projects are listed below:

On-going projects:



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Past projects: