Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is legally framed by the GDPR and General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Directives 2016/680 and 2016/681 (three European legal instruments that together make up the General Data Protection Regulation / GDPR) as well as the National Implementation Law of the GDPR, Law 58/2019 of August 8th.

This document aims to establish the rules for guaranteeing the privacy of all personal data received and retained by SMT following the admission of its workers, interns, service providers and any other type of employees and partners, customers and suppliers, and to provide the guidelines for a course of action that allows, on one hand, to refer to the implemented control mecanisms and guarantees and, on the other hand, to inform the rights of the interested parties, in order to promote full compliance with the applicable legislation.

The Privacy Policy is a public statement, shared through all available communication channels.

Whenever an individual makes his/her personal data available and aims to apply for a job, keep his/her application active for future requests and professional situations, be admitted, be allocated to ongoing and scheduled projects, participate or integrating other projects, internships or training, SMT is committed to protect his/her data.

The Privacy Policy applies to data collected through the following channels:

  • The Privacy Policy applies to data collected through the following channels:
  • Job advertisements or spontaneous applications;
  • Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn);
  • It also applies to all information you share with us personally, by SMS, e-mail, letter or other means of correspondence.

Use of personal data

In a policy of ethics and rigor, SMT is guided by the total respect and reserve of the information they have access to, whether it’s personal data, strategic, financial or other information, which our interlocutors share with us, in order to establish of a contractual link, to provide a service or to participate in projects, for training of any kind and nature and on a basis of mutual trust.

The Privacy Policy establishes:

  • What information do we collect and for what purpose?
  • With whom do we share the data?
  • For how long do we keep the information?
  • What is the reason for processing such personal data?
  • What are the rights regarding the collected data?

To obtain additional information or clarify any doubts about our Privacy Policy and Treatment of Personal Data, questions should be sent to:

Smallmatek – Small Materials and Technologies, Lda
A/C Data Protection Officer
Rua dos Canhas s/n 3810-075 Aveiro
or to the email address:

With whom do we share your personal data?

Personal data is received following job applications or internships that we publish and/or spontaneous applications. Only the SMT professionals who process the data have access ot the SMT database.

The aforementioned SMT professionals are bound to the corresponding rules of confidentiality in the processing of personal data.

The automatic mechanisms of preservation and control, daily generated backup copies, the retention of information on external and secure servers, are aspects that guarantee the security, the strict and necessary use, of the personal data entrusted to us.

Personal data cannot, in principle, be transmitted to third parties. If there is a need to do so, SMT will take the necessary contractual measures to ensure that entities respect and protect personal data. They can also be transmitted to third parties - entities other than SMT or subcontractors, examples of which are companies with which SMT develops partnerships. In these situations, consent will always be required. They can also be transmitted to entities to whom data have to be communicated under the law, such as the tax authority, insurance companies and social security in contracting situations.

What information do we collect and for what purposes?

We collect only the information necessary for admission or project of recruitment or internship or training (data such as previous professional experience, education and questions that are relevant to subject in question) and do not keep it for longer than strictly necessary.

Retention periods for information?

Personal data, after consent, are retained for the period strictly necessary. If the data subject exercises the Right to Forget over data that needs to be retain for legal obligations, any and all use of the data will be suspended but we will only be able to eliminate them once the legal deadlines for retaining them have been met.

If you become an SMT employee, your data will be retained in the employee file until the employment contract expires, plus the deadlines for compliance with legal obligations, arising from the Tax Legislation and the Social Security Legislation.

On what basis do we treat personal data?

  • Legitimate interest
  • When the processing of data corresponds to a legitimate interest, the inherent legal foundation, on behalf of SMT.

  • Consent
  • It implies free,unambiguous, and informed prior informed consent - written or through the validation of an option digitally.

  • Execution of contract and pre-contractual procedures
  • When the processing of personal data is necessary for the conclusion, execution and management of contracts celebrated with SMT.

  • Compliance with legal obligations
  • When the processing of personal data is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation to which the SMT is subjected. In this situation, we have the cases of compliance with tax obligations or responding to legal requests.

The rights of data subjects:

The personal data subject has the right to access, correct, delete, restrict, object and port the data. To ensure security in the process, proof of identity is required to ensure confidentiality.

  • Right of access, rectification, correction and elimination (ARCO rights)
  • The data subject may, at any time, access the data he/she provided, request correction or rectification whenever justified, and we commit to follow up within a maximum period of 30 days, or, in more complex cases, in 60 days.

    The right to exclusion is also recognized, so personal data will be deleted, within the aforementioned period, from the date of the request, as long as there are no valid grounds for its conservation, such as, for example, cases in which SMT must retain the data in order to comply with a legal obligation.

  • Right to restriction and objection
  • When we mentioned above the need to obtain the interest of the data subject on a given project, we are ensuring the right to restriction and objection, in the use of data and other personal information held by SMT, keeping them, however, active for other processes, following the same mandatory obligation to confirm the interest.

  • Portability of personal data
  • The data subject has the right to request SMT to send his/her personal data to another organization, without incurring costs, unless the information, due to its extension and complexity, implies the use of means whose charges are significant.

In addition to contacting us directly, we also have a legal duty to inform you that you can always contact the corresponding National Authority - CNPD (, that will receive the complaints from the personal data holders.

If you want to exercise your rights, you can do so to the following addresses:

Smallmatek – Small Materials and Technologies, Lda
A/C Data Protection Officer
Rua dos Canhas s/n 3810-075 Aveiro
or to the email address: