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Magnesium-aluminium Layered Double Hydroxides
Synonym: Magnesium-aluminium hydroxy nitrate

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Description and Applications:

Layered double hydroxides are lamellar clays with anionic exchange capacity, having application in catalysis (e.g. catalysts, catalyst supports), medicine (e.g. drug delivery, controlled release), biochemistry, electrochemistry (e.g. anticorrosion), photochemistry, ion-exchange/adsorption purposes, polymer/coatings additive (e.g. thermal stabilizer, mechanical reinforcement, filler), among others.

Chemical formula based on generic structure of hydrotalcite-like materials [M(II)1-x M(III)x(OH)2]x+ · (An-x/n) · mH2O
Appearance (form) Powder Slurry
Appearance (color) White White
Particle size  <20 µm 400-500 nm
Particle stability (zeta potential) +(20-30) mV
Molar ratio Mg/Al 2 2
Type of media suggested Solvent based Water based

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm

Powder, Slurry